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fiesta zetec blue tdci 1.4 2008 injector problem


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hello everybody i have a quick question and need some confirming

i have 2008 fiesta 1.4 tdci last sunday 20th march whilst driving the car started juttering checking fuel it stated 15 mile to empty i was aware it was low and thoiught i was runing out of fuel 

it felt like i went to nearest garage and put £15 in it was still juttering i thought had similar problem before on focus which turned out to be a faulty injector i was fireing on 3 which made it jutter and load i read that it was best to change all injectors so i replaced them on focus and problem was solved now i got the fiesta gertting similar when i returned home on sunday i said i sort it on monday come monday morning i drove to nearby shop 100 metres away at most when i came out of shop i noticed the rear tyre was flat had to drive it back slowly i could not fix this at present has i had to goto work it was left until friday just gone had new tyre fitted and test drove it around midday and it drove all ok no juttering or banging so i thought problem solved on saturday the juttering started again so i done oil and filter change and air filter change thinking it might be air problem test drove again and the juttering had greatly reduced thought ok good then come this morning 7pm went to go round shop when started it was juttering worst and load banging noise whith loads of grey smoke my son said probaly because it was cold so caried on round shop getting about 50 metre away the engine malfunction  came on and went into limp mode put the obd2 reader in and got error p0204 which after checking came back injector 4 circuit malfunction googled it and said check terminals on injector 4 so after removing filter housing an d exposing injectors (now this is were i need confirming) on injector 4 nearest gearbox end one the connector i saw were it pushes onto the injector the plastic bit you pull up to remove and lock into place was snaped of it was also snapped on number 2 but did not get a reading on that one i had to use a small screwdriver to prise it of  i cleaned terminals and resited it back on but without plastic bit it wont lock back on i then fitted all back to gether used obd2 deleted all codes then started car again no warnings came up engine was quiet again and no juttering and clear smoke  drove around the block it started juttering again but no were near has bad has it had been got back home left it ticking over outside and it seemed to get better has engine hotted up still no error codes i am looking to go out later and do a ohms test on injectors but thing i keep thinking is i read that a injector can be around 20.000 psi with the locking pin bnroke of could this psi cause the connector to blow back a bit and restrict/hinder the connections causing this problem i am unaware if i be able to get new connectors or if i be able to get from scrap yard and cut and reconect to loom 

i relisticly dont want to purchase a new injector has costing over £300 pound for 1

i have thought it could be fuel filter this is priced over £50 pounds and can not afford thic cost if it does not work

please help   


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i had the same sort of issue with mine and it turned out to be a combo of things. the cables running from the injectors go down over the gearbox and rub mine had rubbed through and were touching. but as well as that i needed to change the injector.

if your lucky you have siemens injectors and they DO NOT need coding i popped in a 2nd hand one from local scrappy cost me £35 and worked a treat. i did though have to repair the cables also. in my case i cut out ALL the injector cables and made a new loom from the injectors to the PCM but as long as the cables are only rubbed through and not broken there's no reason why for the short term at least you cant just put some good quality electrical tape around them to stop them touching each other than put some loom tape over that to protect it a little. if you search "1.4 TDCI DuraTorQ Injection/glow plugs loom" on the forum you will find my post about it on a 2007 model.

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