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2012 ka cambelt / warning lights


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Hi all I need some advice this will be a long post  

so we took my other half’s car in for a cambelt change at this point we new that the car had the wrong battery fitted so the stop start would not work and we had the dim glow from the dash lights common fault. This is were things go strange on picking up the car the mechanic had his diagnostic machine plugged in saying there are warning lights on the dash and the engine check light not the lights that we new were dim we now have stop start light on low oil pressure fuel light and bulb out light on as well as the engine check light. he told us it hat because it was the wrong battery that he could not turn them off as he disconnect the battery to do the cambelt. So on his advice off we went to Halfords to get a new £150 stop start battery as he told us once the battery is on the lights will clear ahh no still the same now the car drives fine so I know the timing is not out so he has shorted something out or broke something but is denying that he has done something and we are now stumped as to what is wrong .

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The very short answer is "your mechanic has broken or done something".

Having an incorrect battery fitted does not cause any of the faults you have. The only problem with having the wrong battery fitted is that it won't last long as it's not designed for Stop/Start.

Get yourself a laptop and download FORScan (it's free). You will need a connection lead 'vLinker FS' (£40) is what is now recommended for FORScan.

You will then be able to try and clear the DTC's and see what the problem(s) are.

Download FORScan: https://forscan.org/download.html

vLinker FS cable: https://www.bmdiag.co.uk/forscan-diagnostic-cable-for-ford-vgate-vlinker-fs


vLinker FS cable: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003116796694.html


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Just had a friend plug it in and it has come up with crank sensor but that does not explain the why now with a new stop start battery that does not work and the low oil pressure and bulb out light still on ? 

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Stop/Start is quite frankly a total waste of time, but if you really feel that you want it working then you need to fully charge your new battery for 8 hours, make sure to connect the negative of the battery charger to the main vehicle chassis earth point and not to the battery terminal.

Have you checked the oil level ?

If the scan code tool you used is 'generic' it will not read Ford specific DTC's.

The crank sensor position fault maybe an old DTC caused by the recent work. Have you cleared the code to see if it returns ?

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The battery is fully charged 

the oil level is spot on 

and he only had a basic diagnosis tool 

what I can’t understand is when in went in no warning lights on he changed the cambelt how is it come back out with the lights on he must have shorted something out somewhere 

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