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Focus mk1.5 ghia st170 fog light retrofit


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Hey there just wondering about installing st170 fog light on my mk1.5 ghia my car came without fog light so im about to buy a set of st170 fog light my question is if the wiring that came on the car thats suits H11 bulbs ( i believe) like the on the regular fog lights ( none st170’s ) are going to fit the st170 connector ? 

i found genuine wiring thats says st170 fog light wiring on google but not sure if that wiring is needed for retrofit the fog lights it looks like an adapter or something

the part number of the wiring is -

1302615 / 2M5T - 15A211


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Long time ago but have a look to see if you have the wiring it should be taped up around the chassis leg,, and if the 170 fogs are used ask for the connectors and a length wire then you can just solder wires or use connector block then and put tape around to stop water. Don’t for get you’ll need the headlight switch with a front fog too ?? 
you could hunt down the focus collection front bumper that’s way better than standard ST type bumper n fogs


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So the connector for the fog lights are the same in the st170 as the connector in the regular focus mk1.5  ?

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Can’t be 100% sure to honest mate,, but having a look at a standard and st fogs, they both look different.. standard looks like wires are direct to bulb and the st looks like it’s to the housing photos below


don’t think I have my old ST170 fogs so can’t really be to sure. But pics look like there different I’m sure when I changed to collection bumper I had to get the plugs and rewire to fit 

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Just had a look and unfortunately no fog lights but I did find the ST lower grille hahaha. 

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