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Problems with heated windshield and aux heater


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Hi there

I´ve been having issues with my heated windshield and my aux heater.
For some reason my aux heater wont start, when programmed to do so. An error message in the display says it hasnt been started due to low battery level. The car starts perfectly fine so I really dont understand why.
Also my heated windshield wont start either...even with the engine running. 
Have any of you guys, any ideas as to why?

I did notice an issue with the windshield itself....please see attached picture.

What could be the cause of this? and could it be the root of the problem with the heated windshield not starting?

ford 2.jpg

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Aux heaters is not something that is common in the UK if in fact there are any.

However your vehicle is telling you what the problem is. Once the battery level falls below a State Of Charge (SOC) of 70% then the vehicle will reduce all none essential equipment.

To fix the problem is quite simple. Fully charge the battery for a full 12 hours and then normal service should be restored. With the exception of the two broken elements, but many windscreens have those problems as they get older.

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Hi, not sure about the aux heater as we don't have these in the UK, with regards to the heated windscreen not working it will be down to the charge level of the battery, over here the start stop and heated windscreen will not work until the battery is at a certain level, even with the engine running the screen still won't work.

Best check the charge level and also how the battery is charging, put it on charge over night and see what happens the next day.

With regards to the picture it does seem odd for the element to have done that, the element is imbedded in the laminate and should be very well protected, if one of the elements breaks I can't see it moving like it shows in the picture (although it would cause half the screen to stop as they are generally in 2 halves or at least they used to be!!) the only thing I can think of is the laminate has failed


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thanks for your replies....I will do a full charge when I get the chance to charge it for half a day :)...work is kind of in the way at the moment, with people travelling all over now :D

I have thought about getting a new battery just in case

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I have a aux heater and with constant use I would get the battery level message as well. I was charging nearly every week in winter even though I was doing long journeys in the car. I ended up fitting a new battery and resetting the battery management system, all has been fine and I have not had to charge the battery once since new battery fitted. I have no idea about your windscreen issue sorry.

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