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MK3 2015 focus bite point doesn't feel "bite"


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Few months ago I took my focus to a garage and the mechanic diagnosed a potential water pump issue but also suggested he put in a new thermostat. He managed to fix the sound from the front which was infact the water pump.

Prior to the car needing to be taken to the garage I recall as I turned the car to ignition to start it was taking about a second longer. It's doing this again. No lights of the dash board illuminate to suggest any issues.

I also realised that the "push" of the car, when in the 1st gear and at the biting point was gone. It still moved but without that self "push" which enables it to just go without having to push down the accelerator in the 1st gear. 

After I went to the mechanic he seemed to have altered the position of the clutch pedal at first but after driving it a while now I realised the clutch pedal seems to find the biting point higher up slightly when I deem it to be functioning properly and when I notice the car doesn't have that 1st gear automatic self "push" the biting point finds itself lower (that's when the car feels powerless). You can hear the pistons more when this happens. Prior to going to the mechanic this issue was occuring also. 

When the biting point functions at the low press level it feels like the car is powerless because you don't hear that "push" from it. The sound it makes to suggest it's ready for the 2nd gear because it's over revved. 

I feel like the mechanic told me it was the water pump but it was infact something else as well. I felt like the mechanic gave my car a temporary fix because when I got it back from him, I was feeling that "push" even though the biting point was operating at a lower bite point. That's what made me think he altered the clutch position in the first place.

The rev needle seems to be at "1" even if I'm not at the biting point now. I recall it going down to "0" when I was held still in traffic before? 

Could the dis function be the cars ability to detect that fuel needs to be pushed into the chamber? It sounds like a fuel pump issue a little bit. Initially there was a dash board message saying "temperature to low fuel pressure reduced" or something along those lines when I got it taken to the mechanic a few months ago.

I'm only seeing similar signs now, the water pump isn't making any noises as it was before. The mechanic claims to have unblocked it as I didn't want it replaced. 

Last time the car failed it was hot and humid, the same this time... It's very hot and I can't identify whether the weather is a factor here. The coolant level is checked and the inside of the bonnet has been checked.

Any idea anyone ? I feel like the car is going to breakdown any day.

Thanks for reading.



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