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Offside Front Wheel Squeak


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Hi all!

I've recently purchased a Fiesta Zetec 1.2 2010, I have noticed there is a squeak coming from the offside front wheel when driving (not braking). It only squeaks when I’m driving below 40mph. Just had the front tyres changed so shouldn’t be my tyres. My local garage have given it the once over and can’t find anything wrong. Any ideas?



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Brake pads? While it's making the noise, in a safe place rest your left foot lightly on the brake - if the sound changes its probably the pads squeaking. If so then either live with it or remove the pads, lightly sand the braking surface of each and inspect for anything embedded, also put a dab of copper grease on the rears when reassembling. You local garage should know about all this.

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It’s booked into the garage on Monday so hopefully they’ll be able to sort it for me 

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