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Zetec s 1.6ti vct 2012 4 airbox screws on the top cover...


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does anyone know what size these screw are as mine are rusted and are a bugger to change them top get the ramair pannel filter in and out..im guessing 4mm by 30mm long? i dont fancey paying the £9.95+2.50 delivery for the ones on eBay...and do i need to remove the whole airbox from the car to change them or can i leave the bottom half in and just screw them all the way out? when i have been changing the filter the screws didnt fully come out of the top...maybe because i didnt screw them enough or dont they fully come out?

they are something like these


thanx guys

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The screws aren't available separately. 

They're also designed not to come all the way out to prevent dropping them in the bay.  

Ford only offer the whole airbox unit...bargain at £450. :rolleyes:


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1 hour ago, eddie eastwood said:

Visit a local factor that sells nuts, bolts and other types of fixing and see if they have anything similar in stock.

errr yeh..but whats the size?? and if they dont fully come out of the airbox top as tom said how do i get them out?

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