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Hello all,

Hoping for some advice/experiences. 

My car needs a new engine to the tune of around £6000, it’s only 6 years old and no issues until recently. I have extended warranty and thought it would be fine to have cost of new engine covered by warranty as damage is no fault of mine. Ford have refused to cover the cost of the engine, not because they are not responsible, but because they are not happy with the garage I used to have my car serviced, I asked if there is a list of authorised garages, they said no but I should have called them to ask??? Who even does this when having a service

I am currently seeking additional advice as this, to me, is unacceptable. They are also refusing to put anything in writing and they say this is because everything discussed is in the terms and conditions however all I can see is that it says that it is NOT a requirement to have services completed by authorised dealers to retain benefits of the warranty. 

any similar experiences? 

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It’s illegal from them to insist that it is serviced at a dealer. 

However they can insist that everything is done to the manufacturers schedule and with genuine parts . You need evidence that everything which should be changed has been done at the right time. Spark plugs, etc. everything as listed in the service schedule that a dealer would have done. 

If you can’t prove what was done then they can deny the claim. 

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New Ford engines supplied and fitted for under £3000

On 8/6/2022 at 5:20 PM, Eric Bloodaxe said:

Spotted this, which may be of interest. Other types also available.




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Yes, it will all come down to proof I am afraid. You can take the car for service anywhere reputable but You will have to prove the car has been serviced on time, to a Ford approved schedule, using the approved components, oils, grease etc etc.

If you cannot do this to pretty much the finest detail, I doubt you will have a leg to stand on.

I am probably repeating what has been said but 6k does seem steep for an engine replacement. 4k tops at dealer but prices change.

They have no obligation to help really. You may have stood a lot better chance if you had used them for service and MOT. Loyalty carries a lot of weight I have found. Yes, more expensive but it is times like this when it comes to fruition.

Good luck.


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