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Australian recall (22S21) - 1.5L Dragon turbo petrol – "right-hand engine oil separator"


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May not be relevant to UK Focuses but posted in case. Re: 1.5L Dragon turbo petrol engines, maybe only 2020-2022 models. I see there are posts here about this re the Puma ST and Fiesta ST.

My letter says the fault occurs on less than 0.5% of relevant cars.

Looks like you can check it yourself (as well as the dealer) with a mirror but I haven't tried it yet. This video is for a US Escape so it might have some differences:

Detailed service procedure pdf for similar cars:

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Thanks for the heads up Zeeb! My Focus is 2019 so might be OK 😜

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I checked mine today and it's fine. Will post about it in the Australian forum. Easy with a mirror and light.

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