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2019 ford focus 1.0l petrol battery draining


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Hi. My dad's 2019 ford focus has had battery issues since he bought it. He has taken it back to them numerous times. They have changed the battery twice and fobbed him off many more. The battery draining persists. I've ran it through forscan and the following codes are showing up. Before we plan our next move with ford, would anyone have any idea if these could be contributing to the battery draining?







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None of those are 'active' codes. Clear them and see if any return, I suspect they have been caused by something being disconnected at some point in the past.

If you want to fix the battery charge problem then use FORScan and change the battery State Of Charge from the default setting of 80% and increase it to 95%.

Next charge the battery with it still connected to the car. Make sure the charger positive connects directly to the the battery terminal. The negative charger lead must go to the chassis earth point (NOT the battery terminal). Then charge the battery for 12 hours.

The SOC voltage of the battery will now remain at 12.65V and you should have no further problems.

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