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focus estate 1.5 TDCi (2017) just bought - help!


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hi guys,

just picked up the above car, it seems to be a good one and has done 92k, mostly motorway miles i'm told.   Zetec trim.      I'd be very grateful for some answers to the following:


1)  should I be seeking a cambelt / waterpump change ASAP or is it ok for a while?    is it 130k or 10 years the recommended interval for the mk3, but is there a benefit to getting it done early and if so, when do most people get it done?  what would I expect to pay at both independent/dealer level for such work?    hoping it's a straightforward change rather than the 'wet' one I just read about re: ecoboost models?

2)  the car is missing a sliding cup holder cover (no idea why) - are these available to purchase and if so, where from?   crucially though, are they easy to fit or is it an expensive, fiddly job having to remove lots of components?

3)  there is a slight squeak when resting my foot on the footrest / applying pressure (i.e. the footplate to the left of the clutch pedal) - I can live with it if I have to, but any ideas what that might be?   no idea how I'd go about replacing that footrest if it's the unit itself?

4)  there wasn't an owner's manual with the car so are these available anywhere online  /  downloadable at all?


Thanks all in advance.


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A1) Now would be a very good time to get the timing belt and water pump changed. It would be crazy to wait till 100K unless you plan on keeping the car for the next 100K miles.

A2) The sliding cover on the cup holder wasn't a standard item on the Zetec trim level. It might have been available as an option as part of a pack (I don't remember). The scrap yard is the best place to try and pick one up, just remember not all models have them.

A3) No idea what the issue is. You will have to pull it out and take a look.

A4) Owners handbooks are available to download direct from Ford:


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Thanks for your response - appreciated.

I'm still not quite sure though of your point re: the cambelt, in what way does it make a difference if it's done at 92k miles than at 100k miles?

I'll check the manuals on your link - thanks again.

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At 92K the cam belt is fast approaching it's end of life and hence it's potential to fail.

Waiting to it reaches the 100K before changing it gets you an extra 8000 miles of use which is of little importance since if you change the belt now you will have a fresh belt which should last for the next 100K.

I doubt if the car will last for another 100K and so the loss of the 8000 miles by changing the belt early is of no importance.

The age and mileage thing recommended by Ford makes little sense for the vast majority of cars in the UK. The sensible thing would be to say that most cars (not all) will have reached "end of life" by the time they are 18 years of age or 180,000 miles. It would therefore be more appropriate to divide those numbers by 2 and replace the belts sooner than the Ford recommendations.

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So what is the likely cost getting the job done at both a Ford dealer and at an independent?

I've been recommended a good independent and told that it isn't necessarily a job that has to be done by Ford.

I wonder though would genuine Ford parts be used, or is this not guaranteed?

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Cost can vary a lot by the area of the country so difficult to be very accurate, but a general figure at an independent will be around £350

7 minutes ago, pdg33 said:

would genuine Ford parts be used, or is this not guaranteed?

Yes absolutely if you go to a Ford main dealer.

You have to ask yourself the question 'Is it worth spending a lot more money for genuine Ford parts on a 2003 car ?'

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22 hours ago, unofix said:

'Is it worth spending a lot more money for genuine Ford parts on a 2003 car ?'

2017 car - profile hasn't been updated, but see thread title. 

My independent garage guarantees to fit Ford parts provided I  tell them to do so.

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