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Focus EGR Valve wiring


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Finally got around to looking at the P0490 warning on my Focus which is an EGR fault code. I've separated the valve from the actuator and the valve side moves freely with a pair of pliers,  but when the engine is running the actuator isn't doing anything. I think the issue is electrical rather than mechanical as when I probe the electrical connector I'm getting the following readings

Pin1 = 1.2v

Pin2 = 5v

Pin3 = not used

Pin4 = 5v

Pin 5 = 0.005v (think this is the position sensor reading so voltage would rise and fall as the actuator moved?)

Pin6 = 0v 

I'm pretty sure Pin1 should be at 12v as would be Pin6 if the connector wasn't disconnected. Is the drop in voltage on Pin1 likely to be simply a damaged wire? If this is the case trying to trace it is going to be a nightmare so could I just run a new 12v supply to Pin1 from somewhere else or will this still cause the EML to light up?



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Using FORScan, it should be possible to command the EGR valve to operate. Leave the actuator disconnected from the valve and try using the software to test it's operation.

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Thanks, I'll look into it but not sure how that's going to get me any further. With the two pieces separated shouldn't I be able to see the actuator moving anyway with the engine running? Even using the Forscan it still won't confirm if it's the actuator or the electrics that's faulty?


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