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2007 Ford Galaxy - engine malfunction appears on acceleration (repost from general)


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Sorry, posted this in "general" before realising there was a Galxy forum. Can't delete or move from general so reposting here. Hopefully someone can help.

I have a 2007 Galaxy 2.0 TDCI that has started displaying a "engine malfunction" when accelerating.  It's a bit worse going from 60->70MPH. Seems to cause a bit of a flat spot and power seems down at the time. There's 130k miles on the car.

If I take my foot off the accelerator the warning clears. No error code seems to persist, all clear when I check it, apart from once or twice I saw a MAF A/B correlation (pending) error that hasn't come back after last reset. There was also an under boost turbo code once, again pending. Also when this started the check engine light came on but hasn't come back since clearing and I driven a few hundred miles since.

Car starts well and seem to idle OK and I can rev up with no warning, just seems to happen under a bit of load. I think it's a bit smokier than it normally is, as it smells a bit on starting. Just seemed strange that the engine malfunction clears once I take my foot off the accelerator.

I noticed air bubbles in the fuel line, but don't think that's related, I was thinking more EGR?

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated



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