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MK7 misfire


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Got an issue with a 2011 Fiesta MK7 1.2 Petrol. It was purchased after being in an accident. Front end has been repaired but engine has misfire. 


I have renewed:

Spark plugs, leads, coil pack and still the misfire exists.

I have pressure tested the cylinders 

Cylinder 1 is 165

Cylinder 2 is 160

Cylinder 3 is 200

Cylinder 4 is 150


The only thing I can think of next is the throttle body. Anyone have any further suggestions on what it could be?


Also note the engine light was on when car arrived and it was the MAP Sensor which was replaced.

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48 minutes ago, FordfiestaMk7missfire said:

I'd be interested to hear

So would I, but @RMVS would unfortunately seem to be a One Post Wonder.

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11 hours ago, FordfiestaMk7missfire said:

Has your fault been fixed , I'd be interested to hear how ?.I have similar fault same type car. It only miss fires on cylinder 3. 

Get codes read, it will tell you which cylinder is miss-firing

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