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MK6 Louder engine upon cold start


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I’m having an issue with a Fiesta I got second hand recently (Fiesta mk6 2006 1.25 Zetec)


From the other day, whenever I cold start the car, the engine somehow gets louder as if it was sucking air in to warm itself up. Bit confused especially as it’s 25C+ around my area. I know with a cold start the engine tends to be louder but the noise seems a little concerning. 


The noise disappears once the car reaches normal temps, it’s most noticeable when changing gears and revving up afterwards but not downshifting. The sound is a mixture of a broken bearing / loose belt somewhere and higher car temps seem to eliminate the noise. I’ve read around online and saw that it may be the aux belt / poly wheel / tensioner but not too sure and want to see if I can get any help from here.


lI’l try to capture the sound later on whilst driving it / open hood. 

Thanks 🙂

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