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Focus mk3 1.6tdci injector learn cycle - Advice on result please PICL_INC_CYL1 Clatter


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Hello. I had a failed injector on cylinder 1 rendering the car undriveable due to running on 3 cylinders, no amount of tinkering or forscan monitoring would help. I purchased a used injector and coded it in, with injection values reset, i fired it up, it was billowing plumes of white smoke and would not rev at all, after a few minutes it cleared up and began to come to life, running on 4 cylinders now but with a good amount of injector clatter. After some failed attempts and some brand new dashboard can and bcm errors that reared their heads without any codes to identify, I managed to get it through a learning cycle, all 4 injectors eventually got to 7 with the 1500-2500rpm method, then the PICL_INC_CYL numbers started to increase (still i continued the 1500-2500rpm cycles for 50 minutes. I mainly did it in 3rd gear but did some in 4th, 5th and 6th gear, upto 100mph and down to 1500rpm again, what i found was its best to do these tests with the pedal to the floor, as nothing was happening and my values on cylinder 1 were 800 or so, then after a flat out 1500-2500rpm pull in 4th gear, it dropped to 512, the others remained at 0-50, changing once or twice, but nothing as high as CYL-1, nothing i did after that point got these values to change anymore, even 5th and 6th gear pulls, so what i would like to know (as i still have the injector clatter upto about 1500rpm under heavy throttle, after doing all the learning) is what these PICL_INC_CYL numbers mean, and why is cylinder 1 way higher than the rest? Have i been sold a dodgy injector, is a high number good or bad? I have read all the threads i could possibly find, that are available in English relating to the injector relearn procedures and no answer to my question. It seems its a big secret by Ford and they dont want anyone to know how to relearn their car! Because that would leave them out of pocket wouldnt it!


Any help or tips would be appreciated. Below is the end result after my 50 minute learn cycle, the numbers wouldnt move anymore no matter what i did. End result, its driveable, most certainly, its quiet at partial throttle and cruising speed, and quiet under wide open throttle after 2500rpm, but still has clatter around the 1000-2000rpm mark, wheres before the old injector failed, it did not have any clatter at all.





test 1.png

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