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Photo Competition Week 1


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As we seem to have some interest, we'll get this started.

Each week a theme will be chosen by the winner of the previous week.

Entries each week will close Monday at Midnight, the winner will be announced at approx 1800 on the Tuesday.

The winner will be chosen by vote by members of FOC.

Any questions PM myself.

As we dont have a previous winner currently we will go with aph1101 theme of Water.

Good Luck

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First of all, thanks to you, RCJ, for setting this up :D Let's hope it becomes popular!

Secondly, my entry: Snapped yesterday, after the rain. Some nice tight beading on the fiesta. For the detailers among you, the car is finished with two layers of hard candy (1 month ago), and two of red mist (4 days ago).


Alex :D

Edit: RCJ, did you send a PM over to Gaz?

Edited by aph1101
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Hey guys, My internet at base runs out very soon.... Just to remind people the competition ends in approx 20 mins, any more entries are quite welcome within this time.

Good luck and hope to speak soon.

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Ok, so at the request of RCJ (Who is currently unavailable) the photo competition for this week is now CLOSED. Thanks to all who entered. To keep things tidy around the forum I plan on simply getting each person who plans on voting to make a post containing the username of desired vote.

For possibly next week I am working on getting a sub forum up and running so we can have separate topic each week for photo and vote etc without cluttering up the "General Chat"

Good luck all, voting open ;)

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So we have a draw at 3 votes each for "RCJ" and "Al J" Seeing as "RCJ" is unavailable, its over to "Al J" to pick the next theme :)

Well done :D

Thanks very much! :)

Okay, my theme for the next competition is Light B)


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I have asked Steve to allow a sub forum to be created for the comp to make things a lot tidier. Until then, I think its best we unpin "Week 1" and pin "Week 2" ... once a sub forum is created I will move everything into there :)

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Hey Guys and Gals,

Well done on the first week. Happy on the numbers that entered and voted, so cheers.

As one or two people know im away with forces briefly (Only meant to be a few weeks). So i wont be on much, got a day to chill before we go tomorrow, so enjoying the 45 degree heat :) haha

I know its closed but my vote would have gone to Al J anyway, so Well done.

Will be back in a few weeks, take care guys!

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