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Weird climate control issue

The Latman

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Hey folks,

Hopefully someone can help me ou.....Climbed into the car earlier, blowers would not work at all.  The button lit up, I could change temp on the screen, but nothing out of the fans.  I've had this before, the last time it was winter and I froze my nuts off during that trip.   I got home, locked and left the car for 20 minutes.  Got back in and the blowers are workign again, except, they only blow hot air, no matter what temp I set, unless i set it to 'LO', in which case, it blows ice cold air out as it should.

To be honest, I fully expect to climb into the car later, or tomorrow, and find it all working again.     I think the AC works fine, as displayed by setting it to 'LO' and getting the appropriately freezing cold air blasted at me, I think its just a weird glitch, but, it is irritating!

If it still doesnt work properly later / tomorrow, can I reset the system (I dont have forscan yet)?  Or is it a dealer (£££) visit?

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As predicted, it’s now working perfectly again…….h

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