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bluetooth microphone part number needed


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Would anyone have the part number and maybe a photo of the correct bluetooth microphone that matches with the non touch satnav head unit in a mk7 fiesta.

I believe it connects to pin 5 and 6 on the bluetooth module that's normally located beneath the glove box.

I have tried connecting a generic microphone purchased from amazon and that hasn't worked so maybe it needs to be the oem version due to specific requirements.

I have most of the original loom from the bluetooth module and its a yellow and black cable connected to pin 5 and 6, now when looking online I see item number 8M5T19A391-AB but also DS7T-19A391-AB

The bluetooth module part number is D1BT-14D212-RA

The APIM module number is F1BT-18B955-DC

Everything is all up and running and working, I have connected a phone and had music playing and connected a call but the only thing not working is no audio the callers end when I speak due to what I believe is the wrong microphone.

Any help would be extremely appreciated



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34 minutes ago, unofix said:


41 minutes ago, unofix said:

Thanks for the reply and the info, much appreciated. 

Seems to be the same as what I thought but I was a little thrown when it said 2006 to 2012 and the car the parts were taken from was a 2016.

I will purchase this now, do you know if this part is item specific as I mentioned before I did try a generic mic from amazon but it didn't work.


Just wondering if this is why it might not have worked and hope there's nothing else wrong.


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On 9/3/2022 at 11:10 PM, unofix said:

Received the part today and it doesn’t seem to work, when I try the mic I ordered from amazon that doesn’t work correctly but if you shout into the mic you can just about hear the audio on the other phone (barley) and I also tried an amplified microphone and that worked perfectly, so it seems it’s wired up and working as it should. I have uploaded a picture of the microphone I received and tried and I’m sure it’s the right one, I was wondering if there were any settings where you can adjust the microphone volume when in a call ? Apart from that I can’t see what else may be wrong.



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I'm not aware of any volume adjustment for the mic, but there is the option to 'mute' the mic.

I'm not familiar with your setup but you need to check that the Mic mute option isn't on. Depending on the type of display you have it is sometimes just shown as a small red X in the corner of the screen

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There is some audio coming through but it’s very faint, you have to shout down the microphone to hear anything and it’s extremely faint.

I connected an amplified microphone and that worked fine but that was just for testing and not practical, but all I can think of is that I have the wrong microphone but I’m sure that’s not the case.

Anyway thanks for your help so far and I will plod on and see what I can figure out.

thanks anyway


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