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My name is Glenn, not 'Gleen' - however as another member already has 'Glenn' I chose 'Gleen,' as that what the students called me when I used to teach in China.

It's a 2009 S Max, 2 litre diesel auto, which my wife bought 2 years ago with 64,000 on the clock. It now has 74,000 on the clock. We had it fully serviced at the time including a new water pump and cambelt. Best not to take any risks...  We had the autobox fluid and filter changed at the same time. At the moment the ABS light keeps coming on and the car slows down - underpowered. The lack of power is down to the Yaw sensor (which is the fault) which applies braking pressure to one front wheel and one rear wheel,diagonally. No great problem - switching the ignition off and turning it back on cures the fault .. until the next time.  A new yaw sensor will be fitted in due course.

The car gets used every Wednesday to go to ASDA, a mile away ...  other days it gets used daily to take the dog to the coast/look for fossils.  The good news is that it does 45mpg on that 8 mile round trip whereas my old 2001, rusty 4 litre petrol Jeep does 17mpg.

And just to really bore you, I'll tell you that my very first car was a Ford -  a 1959 Consul, 3 gear, column change and 1800cc engine. I passed my driving test in October 1972 and a month later three of us chipped in to buy that car.  We had to chip in as that was the only way we could afford it - it cost £25 ..  I wonder how much it's worth now?


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50 minutes ago, Gleen said:

Ford -  a 1959 Consul, 3 gear, column change and 1800cc engine.

and it had pneumatic windscreen wipers with a little knob on the top of steering column to turn them on. Driven by the vacuum from the inlet manifold.

Welcome to the Ford Owners Club

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