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Spare key question


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Hi peoples

I have already posted this in the ecosport forum but decided to put it in the fiesta forum as well, as the mk8 has the same key.

We have a 2019 ecosport that came with 2 keys, 1 is a remote flip key, the other is a plain basic key with no remote.

The issue is my wifes ecosport car is always blocking me, i have the plain key on my keys and everytime i use that key the alarm will go off until i cycle the ignition.  This gets really annoying at 5.30am!

So getting a genuine ford remote flip key and programmed is pretty expensive in the current climate. 

I had a plan but not sure if it will work.

Plan A. Buy an aftermarket remote or a used key from eBay and see if i can try to just manually programme the remote locking only, using autodata's instructions of cycling ignition etc. I have no idea if this is possible and just ignor the PATS all together as all i want is a remote not a key.

Plan B. Can this spare plain key be opened up? Looks pretty sealed? If so can the transponder be remoted, added to an after marke flip key then just get the flip key cut and manually programme the remote?

Thanks for reading this in advance 

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Plan a - sounds like a good idea, don’t see why it shouldnt work.   But you should make sure that key has no pats chip in it because if close to ignition lock (eg on same key ring) it might confuse the pats system.      Plan b - sorry I have no idea.

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All 2019 Ecosports would have come with two remote keys.

I would be asking the person who supplied it why there is no second remote.

Has the car been stolen recovered?

Has the car been written off?

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Got from a local ford dealer, hpi comes back clear, only 1 previous owner on log book. Either way it doesnt change the fact i only have one remote. There is no rule to say ford have to supply 2 remotes so will get no joy from them.

On the my key on the dash it says only 2 keys are programmed to the vehicle.

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If you have the address on the log book of the previous owner, write to them and ask if they still have the 2nd key and would they send it you

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Ive spoken to 2 ford dealers and both have confirmed that the zetec spec only came with 1 remote and 1 plain key

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Hello Tay,

What model car do you have and what country are you in ?

We also need to know the year of manufacture of your car before being able to offer any advice.


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