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S-max door locking and window fault!


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I have a ford s-max 2009 titanium tdci 2.0.

The other day my belt snapped off due to the air conditioning pump sizing up. This problem has been repaired and looked around for any damaged that the belt could have caused when coming off.

Since this incident my driverside back door can not be locked by key but can be manually aswell as the window on just this door will not close or open even when using the control on the drivers door or holding the keys nothing will happen.

A few days after I noticed this and got my errors cleared my cruise control has started to cut out as I try to press either + or - it tells me it's on standby and I can still turn it off and on its just when I click to set it then it will cut off and I have to re turn it on, I'm unsure if these two issues are related as the cruise control did work for over 200 miles after the issue with the air conditioning pump and belt just stopped today.

If anyone had any advice or help I would be most thankful.


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Check the voltage of the car battery with a decent multimeter. It should be at least 12.60V

I do however think the problems are most probably unrelated to the belt failure.

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