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Rear seat "boot space" conversion. (simple and reversable)


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OK so as the title says I've converted the rear seat space of my Fiesta into a easy access boot space. My car (2007 Fiesta 1.4 TDCi) is used as a local pizza delivery car and as many of you may have found out putting things on the back seats works fine until you have to hit the brakes then what ever it was is now on the floor! So I have come up with a simple solution that could be helpful to anyone who moves a lot of small things around and still requires the use of the back seats.

what i used for this -

1 x Thick Rubber car boot mat (generic) £4.99

3 x Metal plates (I had laying around large washers would work just as well)

1  x Large washer (drilled either side of the center hole to allow 2 rivets)

8 x Rivets (6 x large 2 x small) (holding plates and washer in image 3)

1 x Large Cable tie with easy release (in image 5)

1 x Climbing Clip & Key ring (in image 5)

1 x Hypoclamp (in image 4) (again I had this laying around a 2nd large easy release cable tie would work as well and cost much less)


OK so lets get into the build again easy and wont take up much of your time.  (Read through first, quick scan over and then look at the image on this post. then you should be able to follow everything easy enough)

first lift the bottom bench part of the seat up against the front seats, when its up in position use the cable tie/s and climbing clip with or without a hypoclamp to hold it up with the headrest bar on the passenger seat (see image 4 and 5).

next roll out the boot mat over the floor where the bench seat was, mark it up and cut it to go around the seat belt brackets (see image 2).

finally with the mat fitted across the back under the back part of the seats roll it up onto the underside of the bench seat and rivet in place using large washers or plates to help reduce the chance of it pulling through. (see image 3)


when its all done you should have a rubber floor space with no gap to drop down behind the seats, when the cable tie is released (eased out not undone) the climbing clip will undo and the bench seat will go back down in place without having to remove the mat. so the next time its needed you can just pull up the seat clip it to the headrest and give the cable tie a little pull to hold it up and your good to go.


hope it helps someone and even if it don't you get to see what sort of broken ideas go through my mind.

back seat boot space conversion.jpg

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clearly you've never done fast food delivery lol plus you can fit more across the back than you can the boot 🙂 not to mention much easier and faster to be going in and out of the rear of the car. 

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You right I’ve never had to do fast food delivery, it must save so much time not having to walk all the way to the boot.

Good solution to a problem though.

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2 hours ago, MarksST said:

it must save so much time not having to walk all the way to the boot.

Lol, I can see the OP's point, though. Our local parcel delivery guy who does the so-called "last mile" drops for the parcel companies, uses an old Galaxy.

He always gets stuff out via the rear doors rather than the tailgate and when you're paid per delivery I guess those few moments per drop must start to add up. 

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14 hours ago, Eric Bloodaxe said:

 when you're paid per delivery I guess those few moments per drop must start to add up. 

I'm on an hourly rate but you make a good point on the per drop workers. Main way I look at it what I deliver fits well on the back seat and no matter where I park I can always open a back door, if I'm tight reversed into somewhere the boot can be more of a pain. Plus by putting up the seats and using the back space if I need to check an address I can just turn around and it also means the boot stays free for anything you may want to keep in their.

I know this is not something for everyone it's mainly useful to people doing multi drop deliveries or that move a lot of things around and don't want them falling about but also don't want to empty their boot every time. I just figured i would share it as its a simple and easy little mod to do and when done you can still put the seat back down as normal without removing the mat. also being a rubber boot mat if anything spills its no big deal it can just be cleaned off. seats or boot carpets on the other hand not so easy to clean and dry 🙂

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