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Tourneo Custom Power loss 馃槪


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Hi, we have a 2016 66 plate Tourneo custom 2.0 ecoblue diesel.

When driving about 60mph or over van looses power the revs drop, the oil temp gauge starts rising and if I don鈥檛 take my foot off accelerator and drop gears then the warning light for the overheating oil comes on and the stop warning light.聽

This happened to the van when brand new whilst in warranty and they changed some pipe, initially they changed part of the pipe but then it was still happening and they then changed the whole pipe. They reported at the time that the pipe had suction and was collapsing together or being sucked together, this then stoped air intake. On the second occasion they reported it was a design fault in the way they had laid the pipe when building the van, therefore they had replaced it in a different way. 聽

This is now happening AGAIN! 聽We are now out of warranty, but can anyone advise what this pipe is called??? Has anyone else who has had power issues and from reading this forum there are MANY! Replaced this pipe and resolved issue.

I find it very concerning that this is happening, as it鈥檚 is a serious safety issue when driving not only yourselves but with kids! FORD should be looking into this more.聽

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