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Mk3 mudflap removal - how?


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I know this seems like a common sense subject, and largely, it is.

Following a previous topic, I discovered I had only one front mudflap, and decided to remove the other as that too was coming off. I had to cut it under the car in order to remove it, as there's what appears to be a large metal (or very rigid plastic - can't really tell) bolt through it, which I couldn't seem to remove. I thought at first it was an aftermarket bodge, but the other side (with the missing flap) is exactly the same.

I won't be able to get the new mudflaps on without removing these fixings first. So... how do I do it?

The new fixings have a... um... pushy-inny middle bit so one would assume the old fixings work the same way but I can't see how to possibly remove it. It seems to be a "once it's in, its in" state of affairs.

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Sorted. Had the car up on ramps but still couldn't get the pushy-inny middle bit out, so shoved it inwards instead. Did the trick!


Hopefully I'll find this post in five or six years time when I've forgotten how to do it again.

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