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Hello does anyone know what the slippery and trail driving modes actually change i can only tell/feel the difference in normal eco sport also why would trail turn traction of as its meant to be for off road surfaces or something so would it not be more useful with traction on

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Trail & slippery mode allow a bit of slip before braking that wheel.

Under normal conditions (tarmac etc) wheels are braked as soon as they start to slip in order to give maximum traction.  The idea is that there will always be a solid surface under the other wheel.

In mud or snow, sometimes both wheels will be on slippery ground, but braking both wheels means you'd just come to a complete stop so obviously not useful lol.  This is why it allows some slip.  Equally you don't want wheels spinning up endlessly so it doesn't turn off traction control altogether.

There are probably videos on YouTube showing that in a visual way if it doesn't make much sense in text.

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