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Sticking throttle..


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I just purchased a Focus 2008 Mk2 TDCi


I have had it a couple of days now and travelling back from Gatwick I put pedal to the metal and it revs got stuck on full when changing gear. They did almost straight away come down again then around 40 minutes later it did the same thing when flooring it.


Normal driving and idle it seems fine. it seems to only have happened when I floored it.


Any ideas please?.


Would this come under warranty with warranty wise i think they are called...


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If you bought it from a dealer then dealer should fix it regardless of any warranty provided by another company. I suspect the warranty company would also tell you that and not pay for anyone else to fix it. Is it 1.6 or 1.8 or 2.0.   Do you mean the pedal actually stuck down or pedal came back up but engine still going flat out. 

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Double check it wasn't stuck under the floor mat,  more common than you think!

Remove or move them then try again

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Or it could be a knackered turbo, engine running on excess oil in intercooler pipes

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