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OEM Bluetooth retrofit


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Hi all

My mum has a 2008 Fusion climate with a 6000CD

The advanced menu says BT On but it does not work

I suspect the bluetooth module was not fitted from factory?

Is it possible to  to retrofit the factory option?

I’m not interested in a cheap music only adapter from amazon



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Another option to consider is a Bluetooth wireless FM radio transmitter. I’ve fitted one in the 12v dash socket; it is a tidy button shape and has a built-in microphone; you pair your phone to the unit then tune your radio to dead air somewhere on the FM waveband and tune the transmitter to the same frequency. You can handle your phone calls, or play phone media etc through it, as well as skipping tracks by pressing the virtual buttons on the head of the transmitter. The sound quality is really good and it is a very low cost and avoids cutting into wiring or dismantling an otherwise good car.

Worth considering?

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1 hour ago, NuclearFusion said:

Worth considering?

Not worth considering, the OP only made one post (8th Oct) and then had a sneaky peek back (12th Oct) to check for answers. Obviously my suggestion was not to their liking since they've not been back since. 😧

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