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Vehicle vibration


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Hi All,

Would be grateful of your thoughts on this issue please;


Having recently purchased a 2020 - 1.0 litre 125ps Ford Focus I have since been on various dual-carriage and motorways on my hols this week, and have come across an unsettling vehicle vibration when travelling in sixth gear at approx. 61-68 mph.


Once up to the above-mentioned speed and with just the foot slightly depressing the accelerator to maintain speed the vibration starts.  If you take your foot off the accelerator OR press the accelerator further down then it stops, and thus I am presuming isnt wheel related.


The passengers of the vehicle were also noticing this vehicle vibration.


This also seems to occur, but is not as pronounced, using cruise control.


Any ideas of what could be causing this?


Many thanks


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Does your engine have the Cylinder Deactivation system ?

Use the forum search and look for 'deactivation' and see if the many reported problems of vibration match with your experience.

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Thanks for the helpful reply, I have now found the topic and added my query there. 

It does sound like exactly the same issue, so now armed with this info will contact my local Ford dealer to see what their take on it is. . . .


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