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Mk2 broken rear shock mount


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Hi guys. Just a heads up. If your hear knocking from the back end of your Smax or equivalent Galaxy.  Check your rear shock top mounts. I’ve had a sound for a while but couldn’t find anything, mechanic looked over the rear end for ages, pulling, pushing, leavering and any other method of checking the suspension. No knocks or bangs found but could still hear a faint sound when going over bumps. Drove the car yesterday and could hear a very loud banging from the rear drivers side. Jacked the car up, removed the drivers side rear wheel and found a huge chunk of the the alloy top mount missing and the top of the shock wedged into the corner of what was left.   

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Just thought I would update on this issue I had with my S max. I’ve attached 2 pictures of the original broken mount and the new mount. As you can see from the pics, Ford has vastly increased the area mass of the mount, in the area where the strut sits and around it, from the original one. ( new mount upside down)The original must only be about half the thickness in that area.  Another issue found was, the amount of corrosion on the strut top bolt. It wasn’t looking good at one point, as it didn’t look like it was going to come off. I was panicking at this point, as my car has the self levelling shocks and saw a secondhand one for £330 when looking for mounts. I’m going to be spraying some type of penetrating oil on them from now on, every so often.   



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Hi, Sorry for the thread bump.

I'm just wondering if you can remember where you got the replacement part from,

My friends 2016 S max is having the same problem, his mechanic can't seem to find a part number, and Ford online parts are saying this part is only available to purchase with the whole shock at around £500.

Hope you can help. 

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That is a genuine FoMoCo part in the photo, so it must be available from Ford. Just a case of finding the correct part number.


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Ford finis code 5332559 cost in the UK approx £43





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