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Passenger Window working bit by bit


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Hi, not sure if it's been spoken about before but I have a 62 plate focus titanium x, all windows work as they should except for the front passenger window, which only works bit by bit; both driver and passenger switches do the same, I have to keep pressing the switch up/down to get it fully open/closed.

I have tried reprogramming by holding the switch to reset the limits but that didn't work. As both switches work the same I'm thinking it can't be a faulty switch problem, but as the window does get power and work every time, (albeit very tediously) I can't understand how it could be the motor or any short in the wiring.

Has anyone had this before or know of any solutions?

Trying to understand the problem before I start spending money or taking the door apart. 

Again sorry if it has been discussed before, I just can't find it.


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1: First, make sure there's no debris caught in the run seals or the waist seals, catching the glass. Spray some screen wash down there when open or silicone lubricant

Please explain the issue more.

Does the glass jolt going up or just keep stopping?

Does it do the same going down?

2: To reset the glass, run the glass all the way up, let go of button, then hold the up button for at least 6 seconds and glass should jump a further couple of mm

Run the glass all the way down and let go of the button, then hold the down button for 6 seconds

If 1 & 2 don't work suspect faulty door module or faulty regulator

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Thanks for the reply,

There is no debris catching the window and resetting the glass doesn't work.

When i press the switch to go either up or down (it does the same both ways), the window moves about an inch and then stops, I can hear something clicking when it stops as if i am releasing the switch. It does this every time I press it until either fully open or closed but does continue to work.

Would the clicking be from the regulator?

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Ok thanks for your help, will replace the regulator and see how it goes.

Will post with an update once its done.

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