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Help needed. Main bearing cap retaining bolts for 1.0 Ecoboost


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I am in the process of stripping then re building a spare 1.0 Ecoboost engine with aftermarket rods and pistons but the one thing I need is some main bearing cap bolts does anyone know where I could get hold of some?

Having done much reading and googling I did find the torque settings for the main bearing bolts which I would share if anyone needs that information.


Thanks in advance Karl

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Thought I would post a update on the main cap bolts. Ford dont sell the bolts because they would rather you buy a whole engine as thats better for the planet. My solution was to buy some head bolts from a Ford Transit and cut them down to size as that worked for me. I did try a few other bolts but they didnt have the correct flange on the head of the bolt. 




Part number for the bolts 300590350 Elring Cylinder Head Bolt Set


The clearence on the mains is 0.050mm taken from a low miles engine that I am changing the rods and pistons out for upgraded items.

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