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Fiesta mk6 boot release.


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Hi,  I have a problem with my mk6 boot release. Replaced solenoid and now only works sometimes. I have to press the button on my dash a few times and hold it in too for it to pop the boot. 

Any ideas? Would be appreciated. 

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1 hour ago, unofix said:

The fault is more likely to be the boot release handle rather than the solenoid. The handles are a very common failure on both the Fiesta and the Focus as I'm sure @StephenFord will confirm. He's had a few replaced.

Yep, rubbish design of boot handle... (I'm on my 3rd\)








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Mk6 Fiesta boot release is completely different to the Focus.

It has a solenoid popper which can be activated by a button on the dash or button the keyfob.  No handle on the tailgate.

Ford knew this would break soon enough, so fitted an actual key barrel release into the tailgate as well, unlike the Focus!


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On cars that have a key hole on the tailgate and remote release I would recommend the key lock is used now and then otherwise on the day you need it you will find it has seized up. I expect some people haven’t tried turning the key in the lock for 10 years

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