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Water in boot on 2017 Ford KA+

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My son has a problem with water leaking into the boot of his car, and filling the spare wheel well.  We have tried spraying the outside of the hatch area with a pressure washer with him inside, but we cannot see any leaks.

I have taken the rear light clusters off, but there does not seem to be any leaks from there.

Youtube has a video which shows some holes covered by tape behind the bumper of a Ford Fiesta, that causes leaks on that car, but I don't know if the KA+ has the same problem.

Before I start taking the car apart, does anyone know where the water could be coming from?

My son took the car to the local Ford dealer, and they told him that they did not know of any problems that might cause the issue, that it would cost him £500 for them to inspect the car, they would need it for at least 1 week, and any fixes would be charge on top of the £500 plus parts, + VAT.

That does not sound like a good option, so does anyone know of a Ford specialist in the Southampton area who would have experience of this sort of thing, and would know where to look for problems?

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Take everything out of the boot. Fold the rear seats down and take the car through a car wash. They are excellent at getting water in to everywhere !!


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Hi, I have the exact same problem. Exclusively leaks into the well, I have the car in for another repair and he said if you can find out what the issue is he will fix that too. 


Have you had any luck with this?

Our mechanic said that the fiestas and similar cars have one way valves in the rear to allow the car doors to close and they are not sealed properly from Ford so it could be something to do with that


Best Wishes,


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