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Intermittent Starting and fuel problem


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Hi everybody

I have a 2009 focus 2.0 tdci 136bhp that has a couple of issues. for a couple of months now I've been getting engine malfunction every other day or so and the engine just cuts out then starts again a couple of mins later but by the time i get the code reader on it the codes are cleared. yesterday its starting then cutting out about 2 mins later, this time i got some codes

P0336 - CKP Sensor A Circuit Range/Performance

U2023 - Vehicle Communication Network Fault

U2196 - Invalid data for Engine RPM

The other issue i have is a fuel issue. i changed the fuel filter a while back and what a mission it was to get it started again (started a thread on here that helped massively) few days after i got it running again i get engine malfunction come up but the car still runs, i puled the codes below, any help would be greatly appreciated

P0002 - Fuel Metering Control Valve Circuit Malfunction

P120F - Fuel Pressure Regulator Excessive Variation


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The U codes are Canbus faults. Looking at the age of your car I would suspect some of your issues might be caused by the common solder joint failure in the instrument cluster (unless you've had this dealt with already).

I had a very similar fault of cutting out on a Mk1.5 1.8TDCi some years ago. I didn't have a code reader at the time but the garage diagnosed a crankshaft position sensor (CKP), replaced it and that fixed it.

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I have just ordered the crank sensor and will look into getting the cluster looked at then update 


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Replaced the crankshaft sensor and that's fixed the engine cutting out, now I still have the P120F code. Engine malfunction comes up when idle, as soon as I rev it a bit it disappears. If I let my foot off again it reappears, when I scan I get P120F - fuel pressure regulator excessive variation. Anyone have any experience with this  code? Much appreciated 👍

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