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Hey there, just after some advice please. I have pretty limited mechanical experience. My MK2 1.6 tdci focus has recently being going into limp mode (reduced power, max of 3000rpm) with "engine malfunction" message and throwing up an occasional engine management light. Brought it to the garage, they said they replaced a pipe which was damaged and that should do the job. Since then, I've not had engine management light but have had engine malfunction message and limp mode, which self resolves once car has been off for a bit. Today, I've removed the engine cover and spotted what I presume is the replaced pipe. It doesn't fit, it's held on with a couple of cable ties and there contamination in the form of soot and oil all around it. 

So, could someone help me out with a bit of knowledge about this particular pipe what it's for, would it's condition explain the problem I'm having etc? Just so I don't feel completely useless when I go back to the garage and query it.

Cheers for the help, much appreciated!



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Those pipes always break on the 16v 1.6 TDCI.  It's a weak design anyway, and they have to be removed every time the oil filter is changed.

It's just an oil breather pipe, simply takes excess pressure and fine oil vapour from the top of the cam cover and sucks it into the inlet.  Has to be burnt as it's illegal to vent raw oil vapour to atmosphere when designing an engine.

Very unlikely to be the cause of your engine warning or limp mode.  On this engine, it's probably something to do with glowplugs, EGR or DPF.  You will need Ford specific diagnostics to read fault codes that only trigger the engine warning message, without triggering the engine light.  (Forscan is recommended on here).

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