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Er 0206


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far as i can see 0206 is injector circuit malfunction (MONDEO 2.0 TDI)


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thanks tom

if this is just an electric problem , is it a big(expensive) job or does it signal a problem with the actual injectors

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was this got from the dash codes?

if so it may not be a fault code,if it came from position 6, see below.

1-4 are tests modes ( 1 tells you your in test mode, 2 tests the gauges go all the way round as they should, 3 activates the LCD displays fully so you can see if there is a problem with them, 4 lights all the bulbs on the dash so you can see if there is any out )

5-8 are just revision numbers for the software etc that the cluster is programmed with

9 gives you any error codes that relate to the dashboard equipment

10 & 11 are your speed in kph & mph

there is also settings for the revs in RPM, the voltage of the battery/alternator, temperature of the engine coolant & a fair few more other bits too

have you got a fault with your car?,if the eml is on the best way to get the codes is from a code reader as these are a lot more indepth diagnostics

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yeah it was the dash code i got it from.

the car has been down on acceleration , thought it was turbo related .

if i drive out the gears the turbo does kick in at 2200+ revs (late) , but especially crusing at 55-60 in 5th gear NO

lift with even the slightest gradient. it wont move over 2000rpm. then when it levels out and turbo kicks in i have some reponse,

but it does seem the engine is not getting fuel/turbo boost. really bad for overtaking so any ideas would be great


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if you have had an increase of black smoke aswell it could be a split intercooler hose which is the large hose on the bottom of the egr valve.

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