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Ford Fiesta Mk6, Need More Bhp!


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i cant because im 17 so im insurance wont let me have a better model. i need somthing that will give me around 10-20 more bhp

You do relise you have to tell your insurance company about any modifications?

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i cant because im 17 so im insurance wont let me have a better model. i need somthing that will give me around 10-20 more bhp

i dont wanna sound like an old man but in my experience 80bhp should be fine if your 17 and have just started driving, there are various mods around that can give you more bhp but pretty much all of them can have a negative effect on the condition and or lifespan of your engine, putting extra stress on existing components (pistons, bearings etc)

also by law you must notify your insurance company of any modifications to the vehicle and they will likely put the price up for performance mods anyway. (if you dont your insurance is void)

thirdly if it aint broke dont fix it, ive lost count of the amount of times somebody has attempted to improve the performance of their engine and accidently caused another problem while messing around, by knocking sensors, pulling wires etc.

if you really want to increase hp the easiest thing to do would probably be to install a cold air intake (feeding the engine with cold air as opposed to the hot air that resides at the top of the bonnet, (cold air is denser, and contains more oxygen increasing the explosion size within the cylinder) having said this you wont get anywhere near 10-20 more hp, more like 1 or 2 lol

I personally dont like changing the air filter as it can mess with the ECU (which was designed to work with the stock filter. having said this im sure there are plenty of people on here that have done so and are happy with the results. also when sucking cold air from the bottom of the engine you risk driving through a large puddle and sucking up water, which can hydrolock your engine (as water does not compress) seriously damaging internal components (bending connecting rods, pistons etc)

sorry for the rant and im not having a go but just to say think about it carefully before you go messing with your beloved car :)

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All of that above.

You say you want 20bhp? Okay id start with a full manifold down exhaust, induction kit and a remap

Exhausts for a decent one are about £500, induction kit is whatever they have at Halfords and a remap you need going from somewhere like pumaspeed/pumabuild as the ECU is heavily encrypted.

The money you spend on that could be spent getting a faster car and paying for insurance. Trust me it really isnt worth it!

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