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V Reg Focus, Fog Lights

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Hi, i got rid of my petrol 1.8 focus as it was costing a fortune to run so got a tddi, whats the verdict on them pls and i need to know if i can fit fog lights as it don't have them, is the wiring in the grill to fit them and do i just replace the light switch control in the car to one that has the fog light option?? many thanks if anyone can give me the answers,


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Not sure what year your focus is mate dont understand the letter reg, heres links to three types of focus fogs quite cheap, i think the cables should already be in the loom just need to change the switch ill have a look for switches too

2002 - 2004 Fogs and fittings

2004-2008 fogs and fittings

2008-2010 Fog Kit with fittings

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The Mk1 focus did have the loom with all the options. Have a look behind your bumper where the fog lights fit and you should see a yellow connector. If you have this you can fit fog lights.

You will need:

1. A light switch with the foglight option

2. A bottom grille with the foglight option - square ends

3. Two small plastic inserts that clip into the bumper to take the ball end of the foglight mounting.

4. Two MK1 foglights with fitting clips.

I have done this on my MK1, having got all the bits off ebay with the exception of the two plastic clips that I had to get from a Ford dealer. If you need more info let me know.


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I have a facelift 2003 Focus, and I have spent ages trying to work out how to fit fog lights on the front.

There was NO fog light wiring or connectors behind the fog light blanks on my bumper.

After trawling the net, I have worked out that the wiring IS in place, you just can't see it easily because it terminates near the horn.

If you look at your horn you should see a black two pin connector taped to it. The connector usually has a red blanking plug in it to keep it clean. This connector is for the fog lights. To connect it to your fog lights, you need a cable extension to your wiring loom which you can get from Ford dealers or the internet.

The part number for the extension to the wiring loom is Ford Part Number 1122296. It looks like this cable is also used on some Mondeo's for the same purpose.

The cable is needed to extend the wiring loom in your car to the fog lights, so it has a plug at one end to fit the connector taped to your horn, and two bulb connectors at the other end, one nearer to the connector than the other so that it reaches both nearside and offside fog lights.

Apart from that, the process to install your fog lights is similar to that found here: http://www.focusowners.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=11555. The other main difference of course is that your fog lights fit in their own housing in the bumper and are not part of the grill. You will still need to change the light switch, but these are easy to get on Ebay, as are the lights themselves.


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