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Hesitation When Pulling Off.


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If I come up to for instance a roundabout and brake sharply and then accelerate the car seems to almost stall and there is a delay of a second or two before it picks up and the acceleration kicks in. Can be a bit frightening especially whewn coming up to a Give Way, judging you have more than enough time to enter the flow of traffic and you accelerate, but instead the car hesitates before the acceleration kicks in but by this time the car that was "safe" is now almost on top of you.

Any one experience something similar?

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yes - seems if you arent in the correct gear at the specifc correct refs you are screwed.

It is an automatic so it should be in the right gear as you have braked and slowed down to probably less than 5mph before accelerating agsin. Are you perhaps suggesting that the gearbox is not changing down quick enough, if so, then this woudl be a software fault. The car is only a couple weeks old. I had a similar problem on my Volvo S80 and that was definitely a software issue which took them nearly 3 years to resolve. The issue with the Volvo was the adaptive accelerator. It got used to you !Removed! footing aroudn twon and adapted to that style fo driving and when you need acceleration ti took a second or two for it to wake up. A car can travel a lomg way in 1 or 2 seconds.

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