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Ford Fusion 1.4 Tdci

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Has anybody on here taken the plunge and had the car re-mapped or fitted a tunning box,

from 68bhp to the magic 90.

are there any pros or cons or problems that you have found out later.


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I have also been told not to fit a tunning box as they just have a resistor

in side them to fool the ecu that the car is running lean.

Remap is the right way, just been looking you can get a mobile re-mapper

for around the £190- £220 mark or there are company's taking in your ecu

and for £99 but you have to remove yourself and refit when back, they are giving a 3 day

turn around.

I'm interested in your air flow sensor "SKYMAN" How did you find that this was the

problem!! where is it and is it expensive to change and also easy to change!!

as my car is low miles " very old gent previous owner" but 6 years old and i think that i have not got

the 68Bhp, this is why a remap.


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joolstdi The air flow sensor must have been faulty when i got the car. It showed as an EAC FAIL on the dash after 120 miles of ownership !!

As said in my earlier posting my previous car was a 1.6 16v fiesta with bags of oomph.

I regularly drive derv vans but had a mental block when i tested the fusion.

So far (Touch wood ) i`ve been suitably impressed with the power from the 1.4 derv unit. Its no tyre smoker and maybe a little more guts wouldn`t go amiss. I`m in my mid forties with 3 points and the boy racer in me has gone now....well thats what company vans are for anyway :)

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