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Newbie Question About Aux Port


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Just bought a Ford Focus Zetec Climate 1.6 07 plate. I was just wondering if there is an AUX port in the car or do i have to have one added? I have looked on the internet but can't make any sense.

Also does the car actually have bluetooth already in the car or do i need that added? My stereo had the phone button but i can't figure it out.

I'm not very good with cars so sorry for being thick.

Thanks in advance

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Hi and welcome,

from what i have gathered from other posts on the net is that the aux port was optional, i have gathered that if it is anywhere, it is located in the glove box - looks like a headphone socket.

I have a 6000cd and found that the phone button was not bluetooth but a mute button so when you receive a phone call...at first i thought it was bluetooth but i was wrong.

You can add bluetooth by using something like Parrott or an aftermarket headunit

i ended up ripping that cd player out and putting an aftermarket sony one in, with bluetooth, aux and usb.

hope this helps

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Thanks for the reply.

Ok thanks, i'll have a look later.

Could you provide a link for what stereo you put in? I want to change the stereo but i'm not sure what i'm looking for.

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yeah i bought the earlier models of this range but this is their most current and up to date:


i then bought:




The above are to get the media stalk behind the steering wheel to work as in change input (cd/tuner/phone), volume etc, you can buy these in Halfords they are called pc99-x50 and pc99-son

to fit the single din headunit:


or you can buy fp-07-10 - but you will need to order that in with Halfords the above one is stocked in some stores. (i left a review on the above)

all above works like charm. hope this helps you in your quest

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