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Alternator Belt Prob Or Pulley


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hi all i have a problem with the alternator belt ,which i replaced 3 weeks ago ,the belt goes round 3 pulleys as van used to be a fridge van so alternator belt goes on air con pulley 4pk223 thats whats on there now as alernator has no self adjuster but the !Removed! belt keeps making a noise when i spray wd40 it goes for a while then comes back could the aircon p[ulley make a noise idont need it anyway but the belt has to go round it can pulleys make a noise? please any suggestions would be helpful thanks

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given that the belt relies on friction to turn the pulleys i would stop spraying wd40 on it, this isnt helping - try some talcom powder.

the belt could well be damaged by th wd40 so it might be worthwhile replacing it. make sure none of the pulleys are seized and maybe give them a very light clean up.

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the belt is only 3 weeks old as i said its been modified as it has aircon pully ive never heard of talcom powder doing that whats the best thing to clean pulleys with thanks

ive used talcom powder on a few occasions, its not a permanent fix but it stops a belt squealing without damaging it.

i guess some wire wool or some fine emery cloth? just to break the 'glossy' surface up a bit?

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