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Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec Starting Problem


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After driving my car all morning I pulled over for 5 minutes & could not restart it.

Every time I turned the key the dashboard lit up, but that was it not peep from the engine.

I Called out the RAC & to my embarrassment when they came an hour later the car just started out of the blue.

We brushed it off as a possible loose connection & that all was ok.

Well the day after the same thing happened again !!!

I am afraid to drive the car as I am not sure if it will start back up again.

Having spoken to my mechanic he says the only way to know what is wrong is when it actually happens but

as the fault only happens now & then it’s really hard to track.

HELP !!!!

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Sounds like the starter motor to me. When you turn the key all the way to position 3 - do you hear any ticking noises at all? If so then definately the stater motor. It doesn't really sound like the battery as if it was the battery, it would still crank over but very slowly.


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my uncles old diesel astra used to do it and it was a doddy starter motor think it was the brushes on theyer way out

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