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I have seen, in this forum, people asking for valuation.One answer mentions "We buy anys" Prices as ludicrous.

My Experience: I had a Volvo 850 a few months back, 150000 mls

In beautiful cond, looked more like 2 years old than 16, drove like a dream.

We buy any, offered £90.00 and wanted any residual left over on the tax. This meant, as I had over a hundred nicker left on it, I would have been getting minus £10 or so.

I sold the car for £450.00 and let the guy take the disc.

He was delighted with the deal. I saw him recently and he says it was the best deal he has ever made.

So beware. They are there to make money and they dont want to piddle about at the low end. They are hoping people are lazy or desperate.

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Yes i agree with that and they also in our experience failed to turn up to two appointments we arrange with them, needless to say we didnt bother after that.

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I had a beautiful R reg mondeo immaculate 102,000 head gasket blew.

I wish I could have fixed it.

Ended up selling for 90 quid. As I needed a car.

I now see this car driving around locally and it breaks my heart. At least it wasn't scrapped.

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