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Cylinder Head Temp - Ford Focus


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Had a few recent problems with my focus 1.8 petrol (08 plate) 20k

1) Noticed fuel consumption was up and guzzling quite a bit more than normal.

2) Entered into the Diagnostics mode on the dash screen display and scrolled through the menu until I found the engine temperature! - This was showing 136 c in some instances dependant on if I was moving or stationary idling in traffic.

3) The dashboard gauge however always stayed in the centre (normal) position.

I wanted to put my mind at rest but initial thoughts were the first 2 points above might be linked to a faulty sensor of something?

Anyways I therefore took it to Ford today just to check out. They told me that the Engine Temp (i.e. 136 c) was the recorded temperature of the Cylinder Head and this was normal and nothing to be concerned about.

The issue with my fuel consumption was the PCM had the wrong tyre size inputted into the system – I have driven it 30 miles today since they corrected this and it seems to have made a difference already.

Just wondered if anybody else had similar concerns with Engine temperature reading – Don’t be alarmed if you have cause apparently this is quite normal. But anyone with increased fuel consumption who drives economically like myself it may be worth a check into Ford .

hopefully all sorted now :)

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I know this post is over a year old, but I had the same dilemour with engine temp vs coolant temp. My gauge shows 90c just about middle, but the engine temp on the 'test' read out was between 110c and 140c. This has saved me a trip to the dealer.

Thanks :D

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most cars engines run at over 100 degrees the dial sat at 90 its just an indication and not accurate all the middle means is that its within the normal operating temerature thats it when it goes red then start to worry but its normal and all cars are the same.in the us ford set the focus to show actual temp and everyone complained saying they were running too hot despite being in normal temps so the set up is that normal sits in the middle. really the gauge shows coolant temp and not the head temp using the various bypasses in the cooling system the coolant will go through the block as it does and removes the heat the gauge goes up when the thermostat comes into play the temp drops and returns to its usual operating temp as the whole heat to cool process is completed. it is normal and nowt to worry about.

ive heard a few people have had the wrong tyre size inputted goes to show how much difference a tyre can make

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