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Hi Guys

I have just signed up to Forum, :)

My question is simple I have a 2010 Ford Focus Zetec S and my wife has a 2006 Ford KA collection

We like both cars and have no real problems with them. :D

According to our Ford dealer who sold us both cars there are NO Ford Mudflaps available from ford for either car. :angry:

I have only seen one set for the Focus Zetec S on E bay but not sure how good they are

Please can anybody help?

All we want is a nice set of mudflaps for both cars is this too much to ask???

Thanks look forward to replies

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I am pretty sure they both have mudflaps, the kit I received on my 55 plate was a plastic moulded set, I have yet to find a ford that doesn't have any. I would suggest speak to another dealer! or if you use there website and send a query, that will come back with the best results.

The other place is @Parts First, whom are the supplier to Ford, speak to them, and they will probably be able to sort you something!

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Hi, I am new here too, have been meaning to sign up for a while but only now got around to it.

I too have a zetec s and was told by the dealer that they couldn't get mudflaps so I got These from ebay They were easy to fit and do a great job at keeping mud off the car, they also suit the style of the car very well. You can get the same for a bit less on eBay as a universal fit.

Hope this helps.


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