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Hi And Hello Again???


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Hi M8's, i suspect very strongly that i am signed up to the F.O.C by another name and password etc as i'm sure i recall being sent an email about a change of name or inviting me back. I have looked but cant find anything i tried several ways of signing in but gave up after about 10 attempts. ANYhow here i am, new or otherwise. I presently have an Oct 2009 2.0l S max TCDI. I have not owned a lot of motors in the 60 plus yars i have been kicking around. I have from the days when i got my first push bike always done what ever i could to maintain my bike/cars. I feel i could still and would happily try, to replace a Clutch on a Ford Consul Classic, (some of you will not have heard of this motor). As a teenager i once crept out of bed at 03:30 to go and do this in the street after laying awake and going through it in my head.I finished the job at 06:45 but then had to wait until 07:30 before i could find anybody awake who could supply me with water to fill the radiator..the only thing i had forgotten i would need to do the job. Well thats me, I hope i can help out at some stage and that you "lads" will not mind me asking what to you may well seem like stupid questions.


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Welcome mate. I remember the consul, my father had one as did my uncle. Three speed column change with bench seats. Nice cars. I was a bit young to have a drive of them, but they both loved them.

In my view there are no stupid questions. How else do we find out things unless we ask?


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