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Engine Temp To High On A Cold Morning ?


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Helo all.

i got in my car this morning (ford fiesta Zetec S 2007 - Petrol) and it started then quickly cut out. I went to turn key again but nothing happened, it was not allowing car to start? a message appeared on the dash saying "engine temperature too high" - the car was frozen at the time ?

5 mins later i tried again and it started fine.

Does anyone know whats going on?

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I have the same car, I had this morning.

did you ever resolve this?


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I would guess the sensor that monitors engine temperature is reporting an incorrect value, so the system stops you from starting the engine to protect it. Is the engine / coolant temp in the usual range while driving?

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Is the coolant level correct ?

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the replys, sorry for the late response! 

I only had this once so don't think it's a massive issue, HOWEVER. now that we have the cold weather I've found that the car is unhappy starting when bellow 1-2 degrees centigrade, I have to give about half gas (not ideal taking it up to 3,000 immediately on such a cold start) otherwise it stalls about 2 seconds later. I think this could be the sensor Phil mentioned, as the fule/air mixture wold be different for a cold start along with the temperature. 


Its going for diagnostics on Saturday so hopefully not a experience job!! ... It maybe my excuse to upgrade the old girl!! 

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Sorry, yeah coolant it on the max marker. Replaced that about a year ago and the temperature needle stays slap bang central 99% of the time. Excluding cold starts obviously. 

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