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Armrest Pad Insert


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This is my first so apologies if this has popped up before but i doubt it!

I need to some help. It's nothing major but more annoying than anything. I recently bought a 59 plate Focus and I noticed that in the bottom of the armrest there are two holes (for screw access) and it looks unsightly and could be annoying if anything fell into them. It has come to my attenttion after looking in a new Focus in a showroom that there should be a thick cloth in there to give the armrest a "floor" and cover those holes.

Does anyone know where to get one of these? I've yet to try Ford themselves. God knows how much they would charge for one if they sell them!!?

Much appreciated


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there should be a thick cloth in there to give the armrest a "floor" and cover those holes.

Not sure I follow, is it that there is a base but with two holes in it where the screws go that secures the armrest to whatever it is bolted to. The way you have written it you imply there is no base to it at all?

Anyway I suspect it is the former your talking about,which is just missing a felt base cover or similar. On the Mk2 there are two compartments when you lift the centre arm rest. The lower of the two is very shallow, I use it to store pound coins for parking and such. I found on cornering the coins would slide side to side making an annoying "clunk" sound.

So I just made a template of the bottom of this compartment, found some neoprene pound liner in my garage. Cut it out, dabbed a bit of lock tight on it, and "Bobs Your Uncle" .........though modern day society has been programmed to buy, buy, buy.................it's not actually compulsory yet. ;)

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